OTOI Group Corporate Profile

Location 9F, Otoi Bldg., Nishi 4-chome, Minami 2-jo, Chuo-ku, Sapporo JAPAN
Tel. +81-(11)-251-8530 (main switchboard)
Businesses - Sales of principally ballroom dancewear and dance shoes
- Manufacture and sales of miscellaneous stage and evening dress
- Import and retail sales of women’s apparel
- Internet retailing
- Real estate
- Management of aroma therapy classes and sales of aroma therapy products
Established 1952
Paid-in Capital 30 million yen
Annual Sales 1,000 million yen (consolidated)

Overview of OTOI Group Companies

- OTOI Shoji Co., Ltd. (Management of the OTOI flagship store and responsible for out-of-store sales)
- OTOI International Co., Ltd. (Management of the OTOI Aurora Underground Mall Store and responsible for internet retailing)
- SHANGRI-LA Co., Ltd. (Management of SHANGRA-LA OTOI and dress manufacturing)
- SUNMODE Co., Ltd. (original product planning, manufacturing, wholesaling and custom made)
- OTOI Real Estate, Ltd. (Real estate business)
- NORTH COZRAY (Management of aroma therapy classes and sales of aroma therapy products)
OTOI stores sell products at dance competitions, parties and dance classes, lend products to various media outlets and provide costumes and wardrobes. Contact us for requirements and further information.
  • OTOI本店
  • OTOI地下街オーロラタウン店